Webinars = The Future Of Internet Marketing


Internet marketing plays an integral role in most modern business’ success, due in no small part to the fact that Internet marketing allows you to reduce  your advertising expenses dramatically and directly communicate with your target market.

You may be asking yourself: “What Internet marketing strategies can I execute for my business that will provide the best returns?”

As you may know, there are many different strategies that you can use to help you with you progress towards achieving your business goals. Here’s a list of my most highly recommended Internet marketing strategies that you can implement for your business today:


I am strongly convinced that webinars are the future of online marketing. There is no better way to have huge days where you can sell a ton of high priced products than on a webinar. A few years ago it was a lot more technically challenging to host a webinar, but these days there are programs like EasyWebinar 4.0 that allow you to set up live and automated webinar funnels simply and easily. If you are not already using webinars to sell your products and/or services then you are probably missing out on the a great marketing medium.

Email Marketing

Please, tell me you are keeping in touch with your customers and website visitors through email. Everybody knows that email is an online marketing channel that allows you to reach your target market on command with the need to buy advertising space. People who have already subscribed to your newsletter and email list are already interested in your products or services, and with email marketing, you can update your subscribers about all of the latest news from your company regarding your latest product or service offerings.

Marketing on Blogs

Blogs and websites are a very important part of most companies big picture marketing strategy. This is because content still reigns supreme because it is what your customers are looking for online until they come across you and start buying,

While creating content can be a labor intensive task, cheap labor is plentiful these days and there are lot of highly educated and articulate writers out there that you can hire on the cheap. Content that is experiential and emotionally hooks and enthralls your website visitors and can often be the one thing that pushes them over the edge and turns them into  paying customers.

PPC/Display Advertising

The quickest and easiest way to get the word out about your company and start getting tidal waves of traffic is simply to buy it. These days you can get some very cheap traffic that is surprisingly targeted if you know what you are doing. However because there are a great many intricacies to buying traffic it is often best to hire a trusted company who can get you results so that you can concentrate on running your business.

These are the Big 4 Ways that I would recommend for engaging your target market and getting new customers in 2015. Stay with the times and start implementing these marketing strategies in your business too. You’ll be glad you did.l


Boosting Your Online Presence For More Traffic And Leads

get traffic and leads

Are you having difficulties getting enough traffic to your website? It has always been the case that businesses need to be able to maintain a steady flow of new leads if they wish to remain profitable long term. Sure, if you have a large pre-existing customer base, then you may be able to continue making money for a while, simply by selling additional products and services to the customers you already have. But, that being said, without new leads coming into your funnel things will eventually die out, withering on the vine as they say…

It’s a scary thought, but it doesn’t need to become a reality, so long as you are taking proactive steps to obtain quality leads. The question is, how can we get good leads without spending too much money? It all comes down to ROI – not overspending on the front-end unless you know that you will make a hefty profit on the back-end.

For many companies, one answer to this question of how to get inexpensive leads is to work on improving your business’ online presence. There are a number of ways to get more traffic to your website, and some are much more effective than others. Those interested in an in depth education on this topic may find Jeff Johnson’s Traffic And Leads Training Academy to be a helpful resource.

Now Lets now take a look at a few of the online marketing strategies you can use to improve your online presence.

How to Improve Your Online Presence:

Facebook Marketing:
Facebook has a treasure trove of data about your target market. You can get data about the age, gender, country, likes, and interests of the people who like your Facebook fan page. This data enables you to formulate strategies that meet the needs of your target market. The data also helps you fine tune your products and services to meet the wants and needs of your audience. Facebook is also the perfect medium for communicating with your audience. You and your customers can send messages to each other or reply to wall posts quickly. And, if that wasn’t enough, Facebook is also a fantastic place to find new leads by targeting your ideal customers via Facebook ads and retargeting campaigns using platforms like Perfect Audience.

Email Marketing:
Email marketing helps you update your subscribers about your latest offerings and promos. You can use email marketing to remind your target market about your company. It is important to remain at the forefront of your prospects mind in oreder to keep your business profitable. Through email marketing, you can keep your audience abreast about what you are currently up to and what you have in store for the future.

Contest Marketing:
Contests are a great way to entice visitors to follow you on Twitter or increase your Facebook fans. People like winning free stuff and are given extra motivation to stay updated with what you are up to when you have an ongoing contest. You can generate buzz around your company by starting a contest.

These are just a few techniques you can implement on to boost website traffic and improve your online presence.